Saturday, December 27, 2008

Finishing Basement III


This is installment three of me finishing my basement. Installment two is here.

As you can see from the picture below, it shows drywall, that has been primed. This picture is from the corner of the recreation room. Looking toward the back of the house. The door you see goes to my backyard.

At the time of these pictures, the drywall must be painted, flooring must be done, electric and plumbing, and also trim/doors.

I took two videos below, to give you a tour of the basement. I start out at the steps of the basement and turn right in the first video, and left in the second video. Sorry about the lighting, but there isn't electric lighting yet! I'll do another post to show it off when everything is done.

This video shows the bathroom, bedroom/office and ends in the closet of the bedroom/closet.

This video shows the recreation room and ends in the mechancial/ storage rooms.

Since these pictures and videos, we have painted, done electric, and grouted the tile floors. Last weekend we put some of Alex's and Dad's stuff down here, and we play all the time!

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