Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My blog is a mess

For some reason, my profile is at the bottom of my blog if you are using Internet Explorer. If you are using Netscape/Mozilla, this doesn't happen. I don't know why. I want everyone to have a good experience.

at any rate, I might try to figure out why this happens and fix it. Or, I might just ask those of you who are using Internet Explorer to scroll to the bottom of the blog if you want to see any delicious factoids about yours truely.

just for fun, I threw in a picture of me in my last halloween costume. I would throw in my buddy Mike's halloween costume from last year, but his costume reaked of homoerotic overtones and there was a explicit lack of clothing that I don't think is suitable for young viewers. Anyway, I got my idea from Reno 911. If you have seen it, this is a rip off of Lt. Dangle.

Sir, do you have a permit for those "rootin-tootin" mud flaps?

That badge is real. The story of the badge is for another day. the mustache is real as well, although I doubt I will write anything about it.

The tie was clip on.

LOVE the profile... was this inspired by that book you and mel read to me last visit? oh, and thanks for breaking down the halloween costumes, useful!
Your blog will look differently to different people based on their settings. sometimes your shit will be at the top and sometimes at the bottom. Who is this ratty.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
good idea: last years costume

bad idea: your costume from 1988 when attempting to look like a mummy you were wrapped head to toe in toilet paper and looked like something that crawled out of the septic tank

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