Monday, November 28, 2005


I bought a cat in college and named him Keyodee. That is one of the stupidest names i have ever heard of. but, i wanted something unique, and there you have it.

His name is Archie now. that is, if he isn't in Kitty heaven...

that is an excellent segway into a story that most of you all know:

See, Keyodee was a free spirit. He liked to explore and run away for days on end. Actually, I am sure he just wanted to get away from me. You see, this cat hated me with a firey vengance. The only relationship I had with him was when he wanted me to chase him around the house or put in grocery bags, which, in hindsight, I don't think he liked at all. I had him my junior and senior years of college, and halfway into my 9th semester. the first year of our realtionship got off to a bad start because he had to live in a house that was about 1000 square feet with 5 other men who disliked him.

he has never forgiven me.

he would randomly knock over full cups of liquid without warning for no apperent reason. So, he didn't get much attention, and I didn't think cats really needed toys that badly (i thought they entertained themselves) so, he got bored real quick in that house. While i was gone that summer, i entrusted his well-being to two friends, who i am sure did a fabulous job, but Keyodee got a taste of life outside his usual domain, which sent him down a slippery path. I was told that he would wait by the door for hours until someone opened the door and he would spring forth and run away, not to be seen again for days. He then lived with me in another house, with two roomates. He still fiended for the outside world. I can still remember the way he would put his top paws on the door and look at us and meow while we watched TV.

the time came in my 9th semester when i had no free time whatsoever. I was very very busy and keyodee's well being was really just an afterthought. I was very stressed as graduation neared and I began to just let him out with no qualms after about 3 minutes of his insessant crying. so, he began to be a big hit around the apartment complex. Other people I had never met before would knock on my door with him in tote. my neighbors would feed him. I would leave for a entire weekend and not see him. I really just didn't know what to do. he seemed to be okay. he would come around every three days or so, i would take him in for a night until he started meowing at the door again, and i would let him go. until one time, after 3 days or so, i finally started to get worried about him, so i talk to the apartment manager about his whereabouts. after a lecture about proper pet ownership, she tells me john in 4A has him. So i go over there and walk in john's apartment.
Holy smokes!

This guy had every cat toy seen by man. he had elborate contraptions like kitty jungle gyms and scratching posts. There was a harem of fake mice, and the worst: a cabinet of moist kitty food!

I think Keyodee didn't even know about moist food.

This really explained alot. No wonder Keyodee hated it in my apartment! he was living like a king over at john's house, and apparently was renamed "archie". Which, by the way, john had no problems calling him right in front of me. He didn't even ask his rightful name. I can't believe this guy went and bought probably $40 of cat food and toys on a cat who he didn't even know to whom he belonged. it was a setup from the jump...

When i saw Keyodee over there, we met eyes, and he looked like he saw a ghost. He had the look of "please don't take me away from here".

but, i did.

Listen here, that is my cat. you are not going to take my cat away by tempting him with moist food and calling him archie you goddamn homewrecker!

so, i took him back to my apartment, and I had him in there probably 2 minutes, and he is back at the door, leaning on it and looking at me with burning hatred...

alas, I knew when i was defeated. It was obvious that John was who archie loved... I couldn't take his moans, so I let keyodee out. When i talked to john the next day, "archie" evidently went straight over there that night like the hussy he was. we decided that it was best for him to take him. so in the end, i guess it was a happy ending.

We'll miss you archie. Even if somedays you drank and hit us*.

the origins of this picture was to identify a "beer kitty" for a party. that is where you put your beer, like in card games. get it, beer... kitty? no seriously, keyodee was a lush.

Awwww. Keyodee!!! My favorite picture of Keyodee is the one of Mike wearing him as a hat. Poor little guy.
That story always makes me laugh! You never deserved him, Tim. Let's face it. You never loved him the way he deserved to be loved. It is a happy ending (for Keyodee) to a sad story (for Tim).
what is it with your family and cats. you know they suck your breath away when you are asleep. your father is forever traumatized by this devil cat.
He probably didn't like you because of all the teasing we did when we were bored. Some of the things I remember are squirting him with a water gun, cutting off some of his whiskers, throwing him around, and putting him in high places he couldn't get down from like on top of cabinets. I almost forgot putting him in traps and seeing if he could get out like under an upside down laundry basket or in a kitty condo turned so the opening was facing the corner. I have photographic evidence of this, I'll have to send you to post.
yeah, that tends to piss a cat off.

you forgot putting him in the refridgerator.

I think most of that was harmless, except for cutting off his whiskers, that was cruel and i shouldn't have done that.
Sometimes I can't believe I married someone so cruel to a little sweet kitty! Love is blind. I guess you made up for it with loved Blaise. Thinking of memories with Blaise makes your heart tickle.

i am really kind of surprised that this post has generated much more comments then the one on my thesis project.

have you all downloaded that animated gif? it is the least you could do. it is cool i promise. you could skip everything else and that would really surpass it.
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