Wednesday, March 25, 2009

snow shoveling


We recently bought a new Hard-Drive based Camcorder.

It is pretty awesome.

I wanted to test out if I could upload some of the videos to blogger.

The answer is yes. see?:

Monday, March 23, 2009

Stress at Work


For the last 2 months,I have been pretty swamped at work.

I am really getting stressed out working in that pee-pee soaked heck-hole.

This has lead to a decreased blogs, a general feeling of lethargy, and a bad case of the dropsies.

Most of my time has been spent trying to get a vendor to make a part operate in the limits that they said it would operate. They spec'ed a range where it would operate, and doesn't actually operate at the bottom of that range. In fact, they didn't even test it.


For those of you that are not engineers, this might not seem absurd, but it is. I'll use an analogy that everyone can relate to:

It is kind of like I went to a restaurant and ordered a shrimp cocktail, that on the menu, says I'd get 6-10 shrimp. Instead, I got 5.

Also, the shrimp cocktail is not for just me, it is for my entire dinner party.

Also, the waiter has about 20 other tables and they are ordering 20 shrimp cocktails a piece. The other tables are fine with their orders and he doesn't think it is worth his time to correct the mistake and gets defensive about it and claims things like the menu is wrong.

Also, the other people in my dinner party didn't really want a shrimp cocktail anyway, they wanted to order steak like they always do, and the steak is always pretty decent and is never screwed up. But, the shrimp cocktail is already at the table, and everyone is really hungry. To help get the problem solved, the other people at the table call more friends to the restaurant, and everyone is really pissed and covertly resenting me for ordering it.

Except instead of getting the wrong number of shrimp, it is more a more serious difference, like getting some shrimp that are not cooked, or getting hush puppies instead of shrimp.

Also, the shrimp cocktail gets bolted on a very complicated and expensive electro-mechanical doo-dad that sells for a very large fraction of my salary.

See? It is just like ordering a shrimp cocktail.

Oh! and Also, I have to fly clear across the country on the next delivery of the doo-dads to make sure they are working correctly, because the shrimp might have been chicken nuggets.

Although, there are things in life that make my life meaningful.

For instance, Television.

I am really getting into that show (stop me if you have heard of it) "The Celebrity Apprentice". The way this show works, is they take your standard washed-up celebrity, pit them against one another to complete trivial and unrealistic business tasks in a group setting, and are ultimately fired one-by-one by a overbearing, self-absorbed blabbermouth with no soul and who claims to be a business genius but really just inherited his fortune and managed not to piss it away.

You obviously can tell I don't care much for Donald Trump.

However, I really like this show because it makes me feel like nothing less than an evil business mastermind when compared to the likes of the celebrity dingleberries they brought on. I am confident they couldn't have found a more inept and detached group in all of Hollywood. While they bumble their way through projects I could do single-handily, I sit back and feel like Warren Buffet.

I feel very satisfied when one of them gets knocked off their Hollywood high-horse with a triumphant "your fired" at the end of each episode. Although, in real life, a more likely scenario is that their boss would lock the entire team in a bus and drive them into a river.

anyway, I think the worst of the problem is behind me, and I am looking forward to not wanting to throw myself into traffic on my way into the office anymore.


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