Tuesday, November 01, 2005

haloween party de 2005


So it is high time that I post the pictures from mike's halloween party. My two friends Mike and steve and I decided to go as the Beastie Boys from the sabotage video. If you have never seen it, it is a parody of old 70's detective shows. We decided that big hair, avaitor sunglasses, mustaches, and old school short sleeve shirts with ties were a must. we opted not to wear any suspenders or jackets, although that would have been nice.

Unfortunatly this is the only decent picture with all three of us in it at once, and it didn't really capture how "solid" we really were. But it did display our silliness in a very obvious way.

Also equally unfortunatly, I managed to not look in any way like a single one of the guys from that video. I ended up not getting to the party until very late and i didn't have time to make that wig look more like a cop from the 70s and less like an lunatic. The hair was supposted to be like a helmet, just big and combed over. Just like Stephens. Big props to him on that. I understand that his mommy dressed him. how cute.

I think i looked more like a cross between Harpo Marx and Wyatt Earp. Actually i think the hair was awfully reminicient of Dr. Gonzo in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas".

Look people, I didn't have time. By the time I got there, everyone there had been hitting the sauce for some time and I didn't want to waste precious drinking time on combing a wig. I went with it. It was for the greater good of all of us. Plus, Derik made some dip that was pretty hard to get away from.

There are way too many funny pictures for me to post, but below is a smattering. I noticed that we all had a trademark facial expression that we would use throughout the night to fit the 70s cop personana. Mine was an open mouth, acting as if I were saying something, or yelling. And then it one point I started looking kinda light in the loafers for some reason. Stephen went for the suave approach. He must have been the ladies man of the trio. Mike was hopelessly drunk, so his eyes were usually closed or at half-mast and leaning on someone. He was clearly the party animal. Actually for some reason I didn't have many pictures of mike. I will make sure to share more if someone gives me some.

most of these pictures are of me, or have me in them. i hope no one thinks i am a egotist because these are the ones i choose to share. the truth is the majority of them were of me becuase they were taken by my wife. so there you have it.


and here is a picture of my wife looking cute with her pregnant belly painted like a pumpkin.

you are a handsome devil, wig or no wig.
I barely recognized melissa in that costume.
THe costume is rather deceiving, I know! Fooie, are you referring to yourself as the handsome devil? Were you feeling blue that no one had posted regarding your drop dead gorgeous looks? :) (let's face it, you ARE!)
Brad, your costume was best of all! What were you again? :)
oops, i mean "bleach n sheets". who is brad anyway? i don't know anyone by that name. by the way fooie, you used REAL names on your post! you better fix it!
thats some of the funniest shite i've ever seen......
i commented first on my own blog to get the ball rolling.

i did use real names! holy god in heaven that was bad. Well, I am not changing it now. i guess we are all doomed.

brad is going to be visited by the ghost of Halloween past for being a bah humbug on haloween.
wait, didn't 'bleach n sheets' wear a white glove? yes, i think that was his flare! i take it all back, brad. it was you i barely recognized with that thing on! :) hee hee!
I did have on a full costume that consisted of a blonde wig, a cane, a top hat, TWO white gloves and a quiver of arrows. I then made everyone guess what I was. When they started really trying to guess I took it all off.

And whoever that Brad guy is, he sounds overweight.
Those are some great pictures. The one that I am in is great. I look very drunk and Fooie's mustache is crooked. I think I have some other ones that we are all in. I have a real problem with keeping my eyes open when I drink. I have to consciously widen them in preparation for pictures. I didn't do it that night.
u guys are cuckoo nuts. i love it! >8^} i'm sorry i missed the festivities. 8^(
There he goes. One of God's little prototypes...never intended for mass production.
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