Tuesday, October 09, 2007

wife's blog

My wife's blog is linked on the right. please go there, to make my marriage less stressful.

No, seriously, there is some good blogs there including some sweet pictures of wasps that lived in our fireplace (and lined up on a peice of sheet metal and watched us, real-creepy-like), and numerous pictures of our daughter that should melt your heart.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

this blog is 100% about killer robots

Starting in May, I decided to start doing push-ups before I went to bed every day. My goal was to do 75 in a row by July 4th, which was an easy date to remember and an obtainable goal. I remember starting that day doing 10 push-ups, then being laughed at by my wife. I also remember being sore the next day, which brought more mocking by my wife.

Last night for the first time in my life, I did 100 push-ups in a row. Good for me. Thank you to all who supported me on this journey to hell and back. I couldn’t have done it without you.

In all seriousness, I think that is a big improvement in 4 months, and I am proud of myself.
I like having routines and habits like this. It makes me feel like I am not a total goldbricker and increases my self-image, which often is low due to my inability to form friendships and feel these so-called “emotions”.

Speaking of habits, I am starting to brush my teeth at work after lunch. It is part of a new hygiene initiative that is a three-prong strategy that also includes singing the happy birthday song while washing my hands to make sure I wash them long enough, and shaking three times instead of your more standard two.

This topic reminds me about an incident in a class in college. In those days, professors would go around the room and ask the students to say their name and interests. This professor in particular asked each student to tell the class something interesting about themselves. One enthusiastic young lady told the class that she brushed her teeth NINE times a day. The best part was that she said it so cavalierly, as though she didn’t say something as equally crazy as “the voices in my head make me brush nine times a day”. Another doofus admitted that he saw Star Wars: Phantom Menace more than 10 times in the theater. Yet another doofus said he was born underwater. That doofus was me, and it was my default lie about myself that I used in that kind of situation so I would seem interesting to my classmates. Suckers!

So now you all know that I invent habits for myself and I am also a filthy liar.

Don’t you dare judge me.

also, killer robots are scary as fuck. think about it.


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