Friday, May 11, 2007

Bacon-Loving Viking

On a recent trip to the grocery store, I noticed for the first time that there was a cartoon Viking on a package of bacon. He was winking as if he was approving of me buying his meat. I was confused about seeing a Viking as a bacon mascot, but then I saw the bacon fork and the “That’s-a spicy meatball-a” gesture and then I knew he was a bacon-loving Viking, which makes perfect sense. So I bought some. I think the marketing company really won that little battle.

You can see the lovable scamp on the very left. It is hard to make out, but don't worry, there is a bigger picture below. Keep reading, devoted reader!

Here is how I think their product mascot meeting went:

Boss: “We have 60 seconds before lunch to figure out a likable and recognizable mascot for Plumrose Bacon”
Bob: “A pirate with a chef hat on!”
Sally: “a rapping elephant eating bacon!”
Fred: “An Eskimo on a sled pulled by bacon strips!”
Sally: “An astronaut on the planet bacon!”
Fred: “a winking Italian Viking with a fork..."

Boss: “Done! What about the motto?”
Bob: “We will pillage your taste buds and brutally murder your hunger for bacon.”
Boss: “Done!”

Anyway, some time passed and I forgot all about the bacon Viking. Then some more time passed and I started thinking it was odd that there was a Viking on a package of bacon. Then some more time passed and I doubted it happened at all.

Then I was driving on I-65 and a semi passed me with a picture of the bacon Viking but no pictures of bacon.

"Our bacon really takes the edge off of a week-long pillaging stent. "

When I returned to work the next day, I was still confused. When I thought about it, I wasn’t sure if that bacon was involved at all. The Viking could have been the mascot for shoe polish or lemon drops. I would have googled it, but I wasn’t able to really remember the exact name brand on that truck or on the package so I couldn't look it up.

It really bothered me for some reason. Was there such thing as the bacon-loving-viking?

I even emailed my friends to try to get some answers:

“When you guys buy bacon, have you ever seen the mascot on the bacon packaging that looks like a Viking that is winking and doing that “that’sa spicy meatball” think with his fingers?

What brand is that?”

I eventually tried to get to the bottom of it via Google*. After 20 minutes, I got desperate and started putting in phrases involving bacon and Vikings.

I couldn't find sqaut...

I even used ham instead of bacon. I still couldn't find jack! I tried many possibilites and it started getting pretty absurd, and when I checked my search history I found this list that might terminate my position if my boss ever saw it:

1) bacon Viking
2) ham Viking
3) ham brands
4) bacon brands
5) ham mascots
6) bacon mascots
7) Viking mascots
8) A Viking eating bacon
9) Winking ham Viking
10) Winking Viking who eats ham
11) Winking Viking who eats bacon
12) Viking with a chef hat on who eats ham
13) Is that a Viking chef on the ham package?
14) Why is there a Viking on that ham?

Man, I do love that list. I have read it at least a dozen times and still LOL. I am glad to have shared it with you. If you aren't laughing, please say #14 out loud until you do so.

*I did find the motto of Hillshire farms: “Go Meat!”

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I haven't read your blog in a long time because my own blog (which provides me with convenient links to others) was down. I was pleasantly surprised to see a brand new mindsquirt blog involving three of my favorite things: bacon, blogs, and then bacon again. Vikings are OK too I guess.
Also, just an FYI: That Viking is all over the Plumrose website:
vikings are the vikings of bacon.

chew on that one.

i am not sure who removed that first comment because i didn't. must have been a viking.
Hillshire Farms, they make a summer sausage product called the Yard-O-Beef (R). I know about this because somebody deposited one of these babies in the kitchenette at work, along with a giant wheel-o-cheese. Every 30 minutes or so I'd go check on the progress of the sausage. It was gone by noon.

Here is a link to a model rocket fashioned after the Yard-O-Beef:

This is my new favorite Fooie Blog
My favorite thing is the two-pronged Dr. Seuss style fork he has.
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