Thursday, October 28, 2010


Last night we had "hobo dinners". This is the first time my wife has made them, so i wasnt sure what to expect. At first I was a bit hesitant, as i was sure that my palate was more refined then a homeless person's.

In fact, when i found out about this dinner, the dinner that is better suited to a man that wanders the streets, sleeping in an ally, or maybe a dumpster, i looked at alex and told her we were eating a homeless man's food tonight. This made her raise her eyebrows at me. Then we just kind of looked at each other.

My expectations were low. They were on par with the "hobo hut", a local eatery that i think is the only local resturant where you can still smoke. The tagline among people i work with for the hobo hut is " where you don't have to light-up to smoke".

( a side note: the hobo hut was the first establishment I saw when i interviewed for my current job. It was a good preview of the rootin'-tootin' good times ahead working in a small Indiana town)

My wife told me that hobo dinners are a mix of food that you basically find a bunch of stuff around the house, like meats and onions and potatoes, and throw it in some foil and bake it. Except if you are really a hobo, it would be stuff like watermelon rines, cat food scrapings, and other hobo cuisine cooked in a wendy's wrapper.

I guess my point is, it could be dicey.

It was good.

Cooper barked.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

business trip from baltimore to nyc


I am using my phone once again to update my blog. This time from the philidelphia airport as I await the second leg of my flight from louisville to albany, ny.

This time, i thought i would show some pictures of a recent trip i had to take to do a software update in some of the products i work on at my job. I literally found out i was to travel the morning i came into work, and i was on a plane at 6:00 pm that day.

The products i had to update were in 4 citys on the east coast: baltimore, camden nj, newark nj, and yonkers, ny. I made flight arrangements to fly into baltimore on wednesday night and leave from new york city on saturday night, thus giving me 3 working days to drive to each city and update them. I snapped some events along the way on my phone:

unwinding at a bar Wednesday night after updating a few units:

outside shot of the deli where I was eating a real phili cheesesteak:

There is a phili cheesesteak up close. It looks gross but was delcious.

Here is a mysterous shot of the lovely New Jersey Countryside. Their guardrails are slanted there.

This is crossing Jersey into The Bronx, NY. This is the George Washington bridge, which I thought was really cool.

This is the next day, when I was driving from Yonker's NY, into Queens to go to Laguardia. There was a terrible wreck that I was almost in. Notice the upside-down minivan. I had to help some poor dude out of that upside down van, as he was still seatbelted-in to the van upside down. Within seconds of getting down, we pulled him out, and realized he was okay, he went back in to get his smokes. yeeish.

I got a burger here at Laguardia but almost didn't b/c they did that thing were they have a picture of the animal you are about to consume.

Here is a shot from my lap to someone else's lap, whilst waiting for my plane to board. This guy pulled a large zip-lock bag of lunch meat out of that plastic bag on the right and started eating it.

I thought it was a strange choice of pre-flight snack.

here are some pajamas that I bought for my wife and daughter. kinda awesome.

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