Thursday, October 23, 2008

picture dump iii


Time for an ol' fashion picture dump!

I now have a new cell phone, equipped with a microSD card for easy removal of pictures (and with a LCD screen that becomes reflective, approved by Lauren Conrad)

1) Great American Ball Park in Cincinatti.

I am 29 years old and this was my first time in a baseball stadium. If it wasn't for a work outing, I would have never gone. It was as boring as I thought it would be. I spent most of my time alienating coworkers by drinking excessive amounts of beer and being profane. One guy behind me moved to another section. I am not joking.

2) here is a cute picture of Alex. I am not sure why I like this picture. I guess because it looks like she is trying to be silly for the picture. It also reminds me of my buddy steven in a picture in this post.

3) Here is Alex filling up her gas tank in her car with rocks. She later filled my tank with rocks and it filled me with so much rage I smashed all 4 windows with my bare knuckels.

Just kidding.

4) Here is a picture of my daughter being very safety-conscience while digging. The helmet, plus the way I shot the picture makes her head look really big. Silly big-headed kid.

5) The crown jewel of this episode of picture dump is a recent mention of Gern on a whiteboard at work. It was there for at least 2 weeks before being erased.

For more background of my double-secret, and potentinally reputation-ruining experiment, please check this blog, and this one.


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