Friday, January 04, 2008

an experiment at work

I detained myself in a conference room this week at work so I wouldn't be disturbed. As a result, I got kind of bored at times, and at one point I noticed the writing on the whiteboard, and tried to figure out what it meant. There was some geometric drawings and the phrase "60 cat" up there. I couldn't figure out what it meant, and eventually gave up, but would still look up at it from time-to-time and wonder about it. I knew that what ever it was, it didn't seem to fit in with the normal verbiage in our offices.

As you know, I like to keep things interesting at work. I decided today that I would try a new experiment out at work. Over a 4-8 month time span I want to put random words and phrases up on various whiteboards to see if people notice. Much like "60 cat", I have to keep them obscure so people wonder why the hell they are up there. So, normal product development and engineering terms like "electronics, tooling, and actuator" are out, phrases like "egg-salad, naptime at 11:30, and WWCD?" are in.

The test will be to see if anyone catches on. If I witness a person say "what in the world is project: butterknife?", I will have learned that that coworker is observant and inquisitive when they see something out of the ordinary. As for the ones that don't notice, I will have to assume they are all brain-dead buffoons.

Ultimately, I can show these results to my boss, so he can more appropriately fire people. This willl also assuredly secure my position for years to come!

Please wish me luck with this horrible plan.

also, now is the time to make requests for phrases. Remember, they have to be appropriate for work, obscure, but you can't overdo it. what's the fun in that?

I'll keep you updated.

"#H - Cooling Furnace (key)"
"Call Gern Blanston?"
"Tools (&fruit w/o seeds&)"
"yes or maybe of no"
"no young Dougs"
"J. K. Polk (why?)"
"Ed McIltyremanshipsonstein's file"
"Extenders (non-meat)"
ah ha! now I know the type of blogs that larry feather leaves comments on. that was the true experiement.

nice suggestions. I will use some of them in this diabolical plan which may ultimatly end in a pay deduction or firing.

i especially like the last one, which is brilliant b/c it mixes a seemingly technical term with the non-meat part in a delicious non-sequitur.
lal 92 wowza-gig
I think you should come up with a name for this experiment and put tha on the white board(s) in the weeks leading up to the experiment.

i think that is a great idea.

I put up "call gern blanston" but started laughing so hard that I erased it and left the room.
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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
"Twine thrust"
"Antfarm - (Secure?)"
"Need pestal - (size/weight?)"
"Priority #1 - Dorothy's Fish hook"
"His name is Robert Paulson"

You should also do some flow charts where you put names in boxes and then point them to other boxes.

[Dodson]-->[Pharmacy plan]-->[$$$]
Here are more:

[Baboon heart]-->(spectrometer)-->(yes/no) -->[agro-coin]

[Spirit]<--["Lil Vicki"]-->[Gearbox]
twine thrust.

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