Thursday, October 06, 2005

cereal is hardly ever this fun

I don’t know how familiar some of you are with any Richard Prior movies, but the common theme that I can remember is that Richard Prior was always acting scared all the time. Usually something bad would go down, and he would get scared, and it was funny to see him run around and go apeshit.

I was reminded of him over last weekend when I was at the supermarket. I just so happened to have my camera when I came across a startling and humorous situation in the grocery. This was refreshing, you see, as humor is forbidden in the grocery.

I was in the cereal aisle and I saw a box of trix with the trix rabbit casting his loving gaze on the trix that are always just out of reach.

Trix rabbit smitten by his beloved Trix cereal.

“Typical Trix rabbit ”, I thought to myself. I then proceeded on to the next box in search of my “Crispy Rice” cereal.


I then looked at the adjacent box of Trix and I saw the Trix rabbit in the throws of hysteria:

Trix rabbit emitting a blood curdling scream.

I was shocked to see such a contrast in demeanor of the Trix rabbit from one box to the next. It is very rare to see animated cereal mascot with such artistic range.

I have to ask, "YOU ARE ON A CEREAL BOX, TRIX RABBIT, what the hell is so scary? Spooky lettering? Mared corners? what?"

I want to show the contrast in emotions. Look at the pictures side-by-side, as I saw them:

left: overpowered with fear, subsequent loss of bladder control.
Right: At peace with self, complete ephoria.

I don't think the cereal buying public is ready to confront these types of feelings. After this episode, I am sure many are left with the question, "Okay, does the Trix rabbit have a insatiable desire for Trix, or is he one of those timid, nervous characters that jumps at every little thing?"

Come on, marketing guys, you can't go around changing the personalites of our food-heros. It is confusing. I want to see the Kool-Aid man crashing through walls and surfing on a giant kool-aid wave, not drinking away his depression at a sleezy bar and then crying in bed.

I think these pictures alone are funny enough. on kind reader...

For you see, what we don’t see is the reason for his state of shock. This was assuredly not in the shot when the photographer took the picture. As this is an unusual state of being for the Trix rabbit, it has lead to me speculation about what could be off-camera that made him react this way:

From the looks of his hands, if looks as thought he is preparing for impact. Perhaps off camera there is a bus within seconds creating Trix-rabbit-roadkill.


The marketing department at Trix just told him the news that the screaming from the “If this box screams, you win” promotion (see 2nd picture) will be his screams, because he is getting stuffed into the one “lucky box”.


He finally put together that his missing mother was turned into that familiar angora sweater that the photographer’s assistant always wears.


He is having a bad reaction to some residual hairspray that is still left in his system when he was a test subject for Vidal Sassoon.


The Trix Rabbit is suddenly feeling the wrath of the new mandatory neutering mandate handed down by the HR department at General Mills.


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you are warped
I think he looks excited to see something...Like a kitty like Blaise or Franks...and they make his heart smile so much that he gets really excited like that. That's what I think.
why would that make him scream in terror?
I think he came home to the Trix Mansion after another unsuccessful day of stealing cereal from youths and walked in on long time friend Boo Berry given it to Count Chocola in his most Chocolaty region.
I think it has finally sank in that trix are for kids. Fuckin kids.
Melissa, if you were a guy I would call you gay.
bleach, please, you said yourself that blaise makes your heart smile.
Thank you for sticking up for me, Honey. I didn't see him with a look of terror. It was a look of excitement if you re-read my comment :)
I think that the Trix bunny is a homosexual. He was so excited about finally hooking up with Captain Crunch.

Then the Captain pulled down his pantaloons......the rabbit was absolutely floored that he didn't have any Crunchberries.
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