Monday, July 24, 2006

Bob and Tom

I was dozing in-and-out of consciousness this morning at the wake-up hour. I have my radio-alarm set to the “Bob and Tom Show” to wake me up. I usually hit snooze for about 3 times until I am ready to get out of bed (the get-up hour).

In between the time that the alarm went off and hitting the snooze button, Tom said the word “fucking”. He stopped talking and so did everyone else in an awkward pause. Then Chick said “I can’t believe you said that” in a mocking/serious way. I then hit the snooze button before I could register what happened.

Now, I am not sure if I dreamt that or not. It happened between 6:00 and 6:30 am.

I think it happened because later that morning when I was fully awake and brushing my teeth, I heard Tom come back from a break, and he commented on how he was having a “hard time” or something like that. And Kristy corrected him by saying “YOU are having the hard time”. Also, around 7:00 they were playing “the best of the bob and tom show”. Which makes me think they played that so they could be off-air and do some damage control. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean that it happened, and I could have still all been a dream.

I don’t know if some of you listen to Bob and Tom or not. If not, you probably don’t care about this at all and could have skipped this blog all-together. In fact, I recommend skipping all my blogs, but I digress.

Last week, Tom was on a tear about President Bush saying “shit” on CNN at the G-8 summit*. Tom was bitching about the FCC’s new regulations AGAIN, which has been a reoccurring theme for Tom ever since the laws passed in response to the Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction”. Anyway, he mentioned that if they used a 4-letter word like that, then they would be fined $375,000 PER STATION. I know that Bob and Tom is a nationally syndicated talk show, and I would guess that they have more than 100 stations that they are on. I would assume that it would bankrupt the station that features Bob and Tom, and surely they would get fired. Now, that is a pretty big deal. With Howard Stern long gone from broadcast radio, Bob and Tom are the most popular morning talk-show hosts, and a radio icon. I have listened to them every morning commute since about 1996.

Anyway, I am curious what the repercussions will be, but there is no way for me to find that out, and I am not sure if it even happened.

Please let me know via the comment board if you have any info.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

funny address

I just bought some stuff online. In my usual manner, i made sure to add some untrue information about my business. This one is complete with absurd shipping instructions!
When I got to my address section, it looked pretty funny:

Ship to:
Don's House of Cheese and Meat LLC
Tim Redenbacher
blindfolded juggler
city, state 87456

Thursday, July 13, 2006

You down with O.P.B.?

I have found that reading random people's blogs is never a good idea. but, I haven't posted for a while and I wanted to provide some fresh content that I know you are yearning for. So, I went to the "next blog" (see top right corner) and found this poor person's train-wreck of a blog. I can't make heads or tails of it.

At any rate, I stole their latest blog, and well, it is going to have to do for my blog today.

enjoy! (make sure to vote below)

Water? it must be wait...could be that apple i had after dinner.Just plain old sleepiness i guess..i'm so sorry..forgive me..i'm just like good old grumpy..ok..good young grumpy...vinod..i want grumpy!!!i dont care? are you serious?!?!...fine then..i dont care..i dont freaking care...i give up all hope...CANN?!?!i'm addicted man...addicted to the guitar..addicted to the drums..addicted to singing..addicted toแวนเนซซ่า--->my name in ah..from north...and bundit told me that it is pronounced as wanessa..LOL...change the v to a think its either over stressed..or i'm sleeping too late..and waking up too early..i dont care..cant bother to care anymore...i think so...yea..nights make me have ap...LOLRANDOM CAN!btw...daniel teo...i'm not ur pillow!!lol...lying on my back all!!and ur poor math book...wonder how many pple's arse it has like touched le...JUST DONT TALK TO ME NOW!! I'LL HAVE TO ANSWER COS I FEEL BAD NOT ANSWERING...AND I DONT WANT TO ANSWER COS EVERYTHING COMES OUT WRONG AND MIXED UP!just making matters worse...just not in the right mind to say anything now..

Is this person:

A) lobotomized?
B) tired of being used as a pillow? (thanks to that opportunistic Daniel Tao)
C) having trouble with run-on sentences and fragments?
D) drunk on apples? (or water)?
E) a confused teen?
F) All of the above.
G) write in your own ___________

* if anyone gets the title to this blog please let me know that too.

Thursday, July 06, 2006



I didn’t expect such a big response already from my last blog. Well, I guess I wanted a big response, and I got one, so I should be happy, right?

Instead, I feel debased that I lashed out and accused my loyal readers of anything they didn’t deserve. I also am ashamed of any inherent fishing for compliments. It was unintentional, I assure you.

It was also a very good thing that not one of you complemented me. In fact, most of you took the time to insult me or point my frequent spelling errors*.

Anyway, I hope the following picture shows my most sincere apology and I hope you like the flowers:

Seriously though, I was in a bad mood that day, and this was exacerbated by my frustration at getting little comment action on what I thought was a pretty solid month of blogs. It was heartening, however, that I did find out that people read this on a regular basis. I was honestly convinced that no one did. So it served its purpose.

So in summary…

my message for this blog is that I am hungry.

I think I will go get a bag of Doritos.

*anonymous, thanks for pointing out my bad spelling. BTW, although it is slang, I think the accepted spelling of “poopey” is “poopy”. For more, see this link.

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