Wednesday, August 15, 2007


HEY! Is this blog still here? I expected that it had been taken over by brigands by now.

Sorry about the infrequent blogs. Things at work are quite wacky. I started out being so bored that I feel asleep some and now I have at least 5 projects and my mitts in some other issues. I figure, the more projects the better! Right? Spreading yourself thin is how to get ahead in the workplace, right?

I should take on a project a week from now on and pass them off to interns and temps when things look dicey. But if they are looking good, I'll continue to work on them and get all the credit. I'll let you know what happens. The way I see it, one of three things will happen: I'll get fired, promoted, or nothing will happen.

It is quite a change from my old job which occupied a generous 10 hours of the workweek. A great deal of time at my old job was writing this blog! You might say I blogged for a living.

I should ask my current boss if I can get a blog project. The way I see it, one of three things will happen: he'll say yes, no, or nothing will happen.

I sure like it there though. I have found in my professional life, one of the most important things about it is the way I am "allowed" to talk to people. When I was a teacher, I couldn't have a normal conversation with anyone and had to be hyper-professional all the time. And I could never cuss. If you have spoken to me for more than 10 seconds you would know that I use spicy language. 99% of the people I talked to at school were akward teenagers that were also shitheads. I had to act like a teacher, and everyone knows teachers suck.

When I was in research (4 months ago), my only work buddies were research scientists. Let me say this, any verbiage I used was well-thought-out ahead of time. Any thinking-out-loud, dumbed-down statements, or inaccuracies got me an intellectual dressing-down the likes of which you have never seen. Generally speaking, scientists and professors hate it when you can't talk gooder than them. Socializing at work was painful as well. I mostly just avoided everyone at work and any outside of work socializing was a non-issue.

At my current workplace, I am as sassy as I want to be. I said the f-word probably 5 times yesterday to a co-worker. I said it in a meeting and it was even on the powerpoint I was presenting. I even say borderline inappropriate innuendoes and use flamboyant hand gestures for accentuation. The bottom line is I finally work with normal people so I can talk like a normal person again.

so that is kinda awesome.

The wife and I started a diet on Monday. I bought some fat pants last winter and now even they are getting tight. I have been a size 34 since 8th grade up until a few months ago so I decided I should try to be less fat. please wish me luck in this endeavor, which might last well until mid-next week. The way I see it, one of three things will happen: I'll lose weight, gain weight, or nothing will happen.

I am constantly hungry and often times kinda sleepy. I had a very vivid dream last night that I was on a cruise and you could not walk in any direction and not have a piece of cheesecake within reach. There were multiple racks of cheesecake everywhere! I didn't make that part up. Then I woke up and walked to the bathroom and ran into the wall. When my lips touched the corner of the drywall I thought it was a cheesecake and I started chewing on it. Sometimes I do things like that when I am partially asleep, walking, on a diet, and have my lips on the wall.

I guess this is a good stopping point. See you in a few months. This long-distance thing is hard! We might need to consider seeing other people.

Cussing at work is what it's all about. You just have to watch out for sexual harassment unless you know the people very well.

Good luck on the diet.
this is such a well crafted blog entry that i have nothing witty or grandiose to add.

nicely done
in related news, a senior engineer grabbed a giant phallical air-filled bladder today and put it between his legs, and humped the air al-la happy gilmore.

i have arrived. all sound like pubescent boys to me...maybe it's a guy thing. oh, wait, i didn't have brothers growing up, i know. but still, i hope you would never hump the air at work? classy. and your cursing...well, like i've been saying you better clean it up because alex is going to repeating you soon!
i sound like such a wife...nagger!
you just didn't have any brothers.
wow, as a former co-worker, i am thoroughly offended!

i am boycotting the blog...i was such a fan too.

your former friend, shannon

(kidding of course)
I hope you know everything negative I said about my former coworkers were just based on any interaction with you, Shannon. otherwise everything was peachy.

just kidding. I wish you hadn't left.
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