Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gettin' Sassy


Listing stuff on Craigslist is ALWAYS an experience! As one of my friends puts it, it is the place he "goes to sell stuff to losers who pretend to want to buy his stuff". I won't get into all of the craigslist transactions I have gotten into through the years, but I WILL mention this one, because I can easily copy-and-paste it from my email.

I was attempting to sell my cheap-o plastic playhouse for the kids. We bought it for $250, so I thought selling it for $200 would be a good deal. Apparently that is a tremendously low price, and within a day I had at least a dozen hits on it. I had to pick my potential match carefully, as to minimize effort on my part and maximize all the cold, hard cash.

That's what I did, and I was called some names and I had to dole out a little sass.

Here is the email chain, with the "lady" responding to my ad:

Lady: I can commit to buying this if you can meet in cincy. I live near kings island. I could get this Monday or tomorrow night.thanks

Me 1: sounds good. we possibly meet somewhere in between us? I am thinking the colerain exit on 265 or Winton Rd./Cincinatti Mills exit.

How about Tuesday-day or Tuesday Evening? Please get back to me as I have other interest, but you are the only one who is "committing". Also, If we are going to meet I am going to hold firm to $200.

Lady: My husband can meet you tuesday during the day. Would that work? Also, would you take 175 for this? Thanks!! Oh cincy mills is fine.

Me : I will not take 175

*** long time period ***

Me (later email) : sorry. when you said 175 i made arrangements with
someone else who will pay full price.
good luck.

Lady: I simply asked a question...please
follow craigslist rules. That was tacky.

Me: The only thing tacky here is the name-calling.

I am familiar with the Craigslist rules and I am 100% sure that I am following them.

Let's be clear, no transaction was agreed upon, and I went with someone who was willing to pay full price in a timely fashion and wasn't trying to shake me down at the last minute. Further, I was up-front about the fact that I had other buyers: "Please get back to me as I have other interest".

From your response, I can only guess that you are a novice at buying used goods. I suggest you learn a little bit about how this works instead of calling people names when you don't get what you want.


I was offended, and I told her what I thought. That is what happened. I think she overreacted a bit to what was basically common sense when it comes to selling stuff. I don't know how many times in life I have been told or said something along the lines of: "Don't wait for me, if you find another buyer before I get there".

My favorite part is when she told me I wasn't following Craigslist rules. Please.

My last email could have used some F-bombs, and maybe a reference to Cooper. ( or a threat that Cooper will come bite her if she keeps up the sass-back).

Next week I'll teach you guys how to not take any shit from those hotshots down at Arby's.

*including the one last year, where I was certain my friend and I were part of a trap where the person who placed the ad was luring people to his farmhouse to kill them.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hello all,

I am very happy to report that the eldest of our brood has moved on to actual Legos. not Duplos (baby-sized legos), the real thing.

I realized it was time about 2 week ago, so I splerged on about 1000 pieces on ebay. They were all very small (but hard to find) pieces (see octangle-shaped box below), and I decided that Sunday morning that we were going to the Lego Store that day to get some more basic shapes.

We dropped about $110 and we got everything seen below (including a Darth Vader minifig keychain for dad that Alex is holding)

So, $110 buys everything you see below. Those contansters on top of the boxes are included in that.

You see, this marks a very important milestone at our household. This can very well be a new era where dad doesn't have to color fairy coloring books, play candyland, or be dressed as a princess.

we dumped them all in this larger contanster, and Alex lovingly laid her head on them (as I would do as a 4 year old (I did it later that day)).

I made a sweet house, but I didn't want to take a picture of it. I also remembered the most frustrating part about playing with legos, which is hunting for the right part. I'd say half of my time is spend looking for parts rather than building.

That is a life lesson, I guess.

Here she is bobbing for Legos.

Sam watched us for a while. He liked all the activity and color, but hated the sound of digging through a giant tub of Legos.

You gotta take the good with the bad, Sam.

That is a life lesson, I guess.

Here is Alex talking to Grandpa. I Don't know why, but I like this picture. She looks very "Adult" in this picture. I guess she is growing up.

So, in summary, Legos are fucking awesome.
The End.

Monday, February 01, 2010

A follow up to selling my car


Now that it has been almost 5 weeks, I thought I'd update you on the status of selling my car. I know each and every one of you have been on the edge of your seat waiting for the very moment that I post an update about this tantalizing subject.

Well, I sold it.

In fact, I sold it to Bean and Stephanie. Thanks Bean!

A few days later, we got a real family car, a Ford Freestyle, like in the picture below. That actually isn't our car, but it is the same color. Our car would have lots of dirt on it and some cornfields behind it.

It is about the same size of an Explorer, but gets much better gas milage. It is basically a station wagon, but sits up higher and is less lame. It also has more cupholders for my kids to fill up with cereal crumbs and kool-aid.

My wife gets it, and I get her left-over car. Feeling slighted, I have taken the opportunity to shower myself with fabulous cash and prizes. In the past weeks, I have bought a LCD TV, road bike, and am minutes from buying a table saw and thickness planer. I was thinking about getting a boat, but my friends talked me out of it. Brad told someone that next time he sees me, I'll be flying an Ultralight.

I should also get a hovercraft or maybe a sailboat.

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