Saturday, October 01, 2005

silly ebay feedback

Hello all.
I have visited ebay again. I bought a battery for my camcorder, and my last purchase was a lock for my laptop. When i recieved the lock for my laptop, I noticed it came from china (the package) and that the lock was also from china.

Every once and a while, you will find amusing translations from chinese produced goods. The directions for the laptop lock had a good one. There are step-by-step insturctions on how to set the combonation lock for the laptop lock. step one is to set the combo to 0000, and press in the "number adjusting rod". Step two is set your "secret combonation"

step three is:
"Decontrol number-adjusting rod and let it return to the original position."

huh? what the hell is decontrol?

step four is:
"Open the lock again now you new personal code is set."

and the rest of the steps are grammatically correct except they spelled "is" like "ie".

in the spirit of poor translation, I thought I would leave poorly worded feedback to the seller. Then, realizing I could do much better, I decided to leave absurdly nonsensical feedback. please see the feedback below for this item, and I even left some other silly feedback on another item for no reason at all.

(you will have to click on these)

I'm eagerly awaiting a new posting. I'm consistently let down when I visit and there is no new posting! :(
due to the lack of comments, i have been demoralized.
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Here's some of the feedback I have left:

-Great guy. Ask him and he will reveal the secrets of the universe.

-Quick Payment. Great Person. We talked until the sun came up, and then hugged.

-Without this seller my large intestine would have exploded, rendering me useless

-This seller is so great I asked him to marry my daughter. And I dont have one!

-Great seller! If he was in Houston Id kiss him on the lips! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw!

-Great seller, great product! Sometimes I place smallish bees up my nose. Yummy!
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