Tuesday, September 25, 2007

hottub time

I can't believe I used to have time for these kinds of projects. (plus write a multi-page blog with diagrams)

I would pay money for time at this point in my life. Unfortunatly it would be wasted on blogs about Cooper.

On the other hand, the 27-year old father Fooie owes the 25-year-old restless Fooie bigtime for the fully-functional glam hottub out on my backporch, which I rather enjoy on these cool autumn nights. It really takes the edge off of long day of work, especially from the neck-down. (snicker)

Thank you ample-time Fooie!

Monday, September 24, 2007

babies and lemons

Hey there fellas and gals!

Alex loves to eat lemons when we are out to eat. She also makes this concerned face when she eats them, as though she just realized she made a horrible mistake.
alex has been making some faces at us lately when we tell her something she doesn't want to hear. It is a a cross between sad and indignant. but also pretty cute. sometimes I can't keep from laughing when she gives me look, which is not at all the thing to do.

I like this picture, because it looks like she was trying to tell me not to take a picture of her, and I did anyway, and she ended up looking terrible because of it. I can't wait to do that in her teenage years, and give them to her boyfriends (as well as hot-lead).

Her is a picture of my wife and a clone of Secretariat at the derby (07). I like this picture and wanted to share it. (not shown: horse biting her on the lips)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

car advice


I drive a 2001 standard cab F150. It is a salvage, and it shakes like the dickens, as though it has an unbalanced tire when at driveway speeds. I have asked around, and I can't seem to figure out what is wrong with it. It has been wrecked and had frame damage, so I tend to think that the frame is to blame. I dunno. It is also close quarters for a daily 20 mile commute with a toddler (adn gear), and isn't exactly easy on the gas.

This has made me want to get a new car. I have wanted a new car for at least 4 years, when I sold my old elicipse gsx, which was quite dope, to have money to go to grad school. However now I may be able to afford a new car payment within a year from now.

I ask the peanut gallery for suggestions.
here is what I am looking for, some what prioritized (some of which may be mutually exclusive)

1) sporty suspention
2) 4 doors
3) decent gas milage (20/27 or better)
4) sporty engine
5) less than $25k new (but i will buy used)
6) handsome appearance

and of course, reliable, which is kind of understood.

all of these point to a mazda speed6, which violate 3 and get too close to violating 5 for me. plus, they look kinda clumsy.

any thoughts?

I just read some article of sporty compacts and they ranked them thusly:
1) mazda speeed3
2) subaru WRX TR (my initials are in there! bonus!)
3) Honda accord si
4) mini Cooper si (named after the glam celeb, of course)
6) Chevy Cobalt SS
7) Dodge box on logs

Sunday, September 09, 2007

ice cream story

Last week I ended the diet I was on. I lost about 12 pounds in the middle but gained back 2 for a net 10 pounds lost. Not bad considering it took me at least a year to gain it.

To cap-off the diet, I thought I would stop at the Dairy Queen (Braizer) and enjoy a delicious soft-serve with rainbow jimmies after work. Plus, Alex was with me and we could share it as a nice treat!

This was probably the second time I had ice cream on the diet, so I was probably not sharing as much as I should with Alex. Plus, it is difficult to share a soft-serve with rainbow jimmies with a toddler while going 75 MPH on the expressway without it ending up in their hair. But, I was still being a hog. As toddlers do, she was also being a bit of a piggie, and she ended up grabbing the cone with both hands and wouldn't let go. At which point I tried to get it back by pulling on it, and she let go and it sprang from our and fell on to the floor. When I recovered it, I saw it was caked with detritus, so I threw it out the window.

I think it is a near-ideal demonstration of what can happen when people are greedy. I wanted to share it with you, so everyone can learn from our loss.
At the time, I told her something like "there is a lesson to be learned here". After thinking about it, it seemed like the type of thing that would happen in some of the corny cartoons that Alex watches all the time. you know, sharing, caring, being honest... all of that liberal crap. Maybe I should sell this story to the Snorks. Are they still around?
Alex is a good sharer though. Here is a picture of her sharing a snack with her "bay-bee" and drink of water with Cooper .

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