Monday, January 26, 2009

I have a real problem,

with not posting pictures of my family.

So here is a real treat!

A video from Alex's Christmas Play, which was actually in mid-January.


btw, I just bought a new camcorder, so expect all kinds of videos!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A change of pace


I have been doing an awful lot of posting about finishing my basement and working on those nightstands. I think we all need a change of pace.

Feeling uninspired, I thought I would go to wikipedia, and devote a blog to one of the featured articles. I was bound to find something entertaining on wikipedia.

That brings us to this guy:


This man made some poor choices.

Actually, from the looks of it, he made forty to fifty poor choices.

This was Barnet Burns, born in 1805 and was a sailor, trader, and a showmen. Lucky for him, these are all jobs that don't require an interview. He lived with the tribal society of Paketa Maori for some time where, although it does not say this, he must have lost a very serious bet and they tattooed his face.

This picture certainly is an eyefull. One of my favorite things about this picture is that he dressed and posed for this portrait in a way so he could try to look dignified, despite the fact that he looks as though he passed out early at a house party with some dudes that had a magic marker nearby. I really expecting to see " I love balls" on his forehead.

This concludes this post that isn't about building furniture or finishing my basement.

Monday, January 12, 2009

nighstand saga II

Hello, and welcome to the tenth or so consectutive tedious blog about me doing chores.

Actually, this is more of a hobby. Here is the first blog about me making the nightstands.

This is probably around my 30th hour of working on my black walnut nighstands. Here is a shot from the front of one of them, that shows the carcass, with the face frame and the top on, but no back and no drawers.
kinda handsome.

Here's another shot that looks sorta angelic.

Here is another angelic shot of me.

actually, I was taking a picture of myself to try to show all the sawdust that gets on me while using the router to make dovetail drawers (see below) and all the protection I have to do to keep my nose, lungs, eyes, epiglottis and ears safe while doing it.
The sawdust didn't show up well, but there is alot of it.

I also look kind of alarmed in that picture but I do not know why.
here are the dovetail drawers I spent all day Sunday making. This is what they look like before putting them together, from the inside.

and below is after, from the outside.

I hope you enjoyed this blog about me doing things. Next blog: me cleaning the garage.


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