Monday, February 06, 2006


I have successfully defended my thesis. I do have to make some changes to it, but 99% of the work is behind me. It is a big relief and thank you to all who have supported me and wished me well.

Now that I have that out there, wishing me a "congratulations!" would be a good opportunity for me to sort out who is my friend and who isn't. This would be a great benefit to me, because I have many enemies....

Anyway Alls I have to do now is finish my Phys-710 Cellular Physiology class. This class was decent until about 5 hours ago when I took the first test. It might have been the most difficult test of my lifetime (barring the GRE). It was scheduled to be 3 hours long, which I realized 5 minutes before class started. When I saw this, I turned to my fellow classmate in shock, as I didn’t know these kind of things happened in America.

The test was jammed packed full of grueling application questions where mere memorization left you perplexed, confusulated, discombobulated, and swissle-sticked. (say this out loud in ear-shot of co-employees for added affect!) I always thought biology-type classes just required memorization. I was a child then.

By the end of the test I was in a full sweat and I felt as though I had been thrown out of a moving car. I had a headache that would make you slap your mother. It was like if President Bush himself dropped “shock and awe” right on my forehead.

Anyway, this week will be devoted to finding a job and brushing Cooper’s silky coat. (his usual 2-times-a-day one hour long grooming, plus some extra time for doggy-massage.) I should be getting a call from a company I interned from, but who knows? Anyone know some places I can apply or a place in need of a Biomedical engineer who loves soft talk, walks on the beach, and pup-brushing?

Seriously. If you do, let me know.

Congratulations Tim!!! That is a huge accomplishment. Well done. Bravo, old chap.

Mel and Tim, thank you for the "thank you" card. Melissa, my kitties are wonderful. I'm obsessed. Stew fetches and knocks over cups, mirrors, you name it. And he bites my boyfriend's toes. I couldn't ask for a better cat. :) Lilly is a sweetheart as well...shy though.

ps I gotta meet this glamorous pup.
A hearty CONGRATULATIONS Fooie. An accomplishment of gigantic proportion. Of course it pales in comparison to the glam life of Cooper you have yet to write. Then again, with all you have to do with your class, I suppose putting it off could be understood.

But just barely.
val, we gotta meet these kitties! especially if stew is into your man's toes!
the last post from fooie was really from me (melissa) i didn't realize i was signed in under tim
it is looking like i have many enemies.
bastards! every last one of them! ;)
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