Friday, April 21, 2006

no discussion needed.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

gaussian money

For those of you that have been to Germany, this will be old news. To the rest of you, you are in for a delcious factoid of monumental proportions!

Gauss, the famous mathematican who is revered for the famous Gaussian distribution (bell-shaped curve) , is evidently German.

In fact, his equation and a plot is seen on a dutch mark (marc?):

Cool huh?

On the front is a picture of Gauss.

I really like this. While our founding fathers more than deserve being on our money, but why can't science and math get some cred? like on a anniversy coin or something. America has an excellent history of scientific discovery. I think we are 1st in Nobels Prizes (but not per cap), why not celebrate it?

With recognition like this, no wonder Germany excells at engineering; manufacturing; and fat, bearded women.

Friday, April 14, 2006

comment fields

When buying stuff from online stores, I usually make up phoney companies for my own amusement. Lately, I have been calling my company Robots n' Such. You know, a store that sells cutting-edge interactive intelligent robots, and ... other stuff like nuts and chewing gum.

I went to a place today to order a SATA cable for my new hard drive, and decided to get a bit wacky with not only the company name, but also the comment field:

Sadly, the next page I visited included the shipping cost, which was about double the cost of the cable, so I ended not buying this and didn't submit this comment. too bad. The guys working there might have gotten a kick out of it.

have a happy easter!

Watch out for this guy:

Monday, April 10, 2006

pop verses soda

Upon entering college, I noticed right away that people called "coke", "pop". I went to IU in Bloomington, and I figured out that it was mostly people from the central and north (and out of state) that said this. I was overpowered, and eventually assimilated. It was a good choice. I think it is more descriptive of soft drinks. I was also shocked to see the lack of Big Red soda anywhere in central Indiana.

I of course new from this experience that this was just in the vernacular of north/central Indiana, and didn’t put much more thought into, although I often wondered what part of the country said what. So I was very happy when I stumbled on this website that shows the distribution of people that call soft drinks: pop, soda, coke, and other.


what do you say, and where are you located?

Friday, April 07, 2006

talking to cashiers

This will be my second blog about the same subject. I wrote a good one last night, and it is now lost forever due to blogspot's bumbling.

It went a little something like this:

I went to Meijer's late last night to get a cold-air humidifier for my little satchel-of-joy. I had an interesting conversation with the cashier there:

Upon entering the check-out area:

Me: Howdie-doo!
Her: Oh, fine. How ar yoo?
Me: Super-doop!

I like to be efficient when I talk. There was a certain rhythm to this conversation that made it almost poetic. actually when i look at it, it is a haiku. (3-5-3 or 5-7-5 right?)

I also saw some vomit splattered on the ground in the parking lot. It always is odd to see vomit in a public place. What happened to the poor guy who had to vomit at meijer’s? Was it that urgent that he had to let it fly right there? I know personally, when I have to puke, I have a at least 30 minutes warning.

I think the summer of 2004 I puked 2 weekends in a row as a result of copious drinking.

What a good summer!

I had another conversation the day before with someone at Best-Buy. I wanted to tell the cashier that I had a good experience with the salesman there.

Me: I know you aren’t a manager, but I thought I would tell you that John was very nice and helpful….
Her: I will tell him.
Me: … and handsome.
Her: … I will make sure to tell him.

I don’t know if she could tell I was kidding. She didn’t give me any indication that she did.

Wife and I had a delightful lunch with Goostermon and his wife. Good times were had by all. He loves Cooper. Who doesn’t?

Monday, April 03, 2006

april fools

I recently decided to play an april fool's joke on myself. I decided that I was not going to cuss during the month of April. I have thought that I cuss too much for some time now, and then I read an article on that said that cussing is up something like 300% since the 60s. So, I thought I would do my part and try to be decent.

besides, I have always said that cussing gives people a reason to not listen to you, and I figured I should start living by it.

As for an update on the keyboard situation, the unreasonable jackfanny that I sent this to put in a grivence of some sort and they ruled in his favor. so now they are sending the keyboard back and i will give them their money back. I think I had a pretty good case as I explained it to Paypal, so now paypal has made my "horsemarm list".

I think I am going to stop buying things. Below is a list of companies I am going to boycott because they made me mad due to poor customer service or because they have bad products. I urge you to boycott them as well. In fact, avoid them like the plague.

Here is a list of brands/stores that have managed not to honk me off yet:

At some point, I may make a side bar to display good and bad companies. We can all contribute to them. That way, we can be informed buyers! Lets all start right now. Leave a comment if you want to cheer or jeer a company!

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