Saturday, March 22, 2008

updates on work experiment **UPDATED**

rememeber this blog?
I DID put some wacky phrases on white boards throughout my office. There wasn't much fanfare, but I got a chuckle nontheless.

1) "Call Gern Blanston". I put this baby up in a conference room amid numerous notes and drawings. I wrote it with my left hand in case anyone was slick enought to try to figure it out. It stayed up for about 2 weeks and eventually was erased. I didn't hear anybody say anything about it, so I doubt anyone noticed or cared about it. Moving on.

here is a picture that i took with my cell phone and emailed to myself on 4.1.08.

2) "Extenders (non-meat)" I put this up in the break-room, which I thought was fitting b/c of the mention of meat. It was the only phrase on a newly-cleaned white board. It was erased in less than 12 hours, which kind of made me nervous.

3) "Twine-Thrust" in a little box with a arrow pointing to some stuff that was already up there. This was up on our main conference room, where many people high in the organization sometimes hang out. During a meeting with about 30 people in it, someone pointed to a portion of the board right next to it, and I got so nervous and gitty that i almost crapped my pants. Man, I really shouldn't have put that up there. It was erased about 3 days later. It looked like someone just wanted to wipe away a small space to draw something small. kinda awesome.

4) "Consult Dr. Cooper"- This one was kind of dicey b/c many people at work know my dog's name. After this was up I stopped this little immature game because I started getting scared someone would figure me out.

It was a good run. I was hoping I would hear someone ask another person what one of these phrases mean. Actually, that might be a bad thing, because I would probably laugh out loud and show my guilt. At any rate, b/c of my coworkers poor awareness, I am going to suggest that my boss fire them all and he and I run the ship.

Now that I have been there for almost a year, I am getting pretty bold with my pranks and office humor.

Here is some more office hijinks:

on our paper shredder, there is a picture of a baby with a line through it. I suppose that is meant to tell people not to let kids shred paper. I put a post-it note on it that said "NO SHREDDING BABIES!" This was taken down by the time I came in the next day. WTF?

I very rarely take a form seriously. For a while, when I would reserve a conference room, I'd put "nap-time" for the reason it was being used. I just recently put "going to Neverland Ranch" when I asked off for vaction time. When my boss would ask me to technically evaluate a product or technology we could incorporate into our designs, I'd write back to him and all the engineers looking at it "this idea is a heap of horse-shit", or " A monkey with a doo-doo stick could create a better design". I made that last one up. That would be awesome if I did that, though.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

home made knee wraps

I made some ice-pack-holding-knee-wraps. now that I am training for a mini-marathon, I need to make sure to keep the inflammation down in my knees.

Why make your own knee wraps? I refuse to spend upwards of $50* (per knee) on what is no more then material and velcro, both of which we have laying around at work.

My wife made some quick-and-dirty ones, that didn't really work real well. At the time, I didn't know how to use a sewing machine (or how it works, wow!) Last night I busted out the sewing machine, and sat down and watched three movies and made these bad boys.

here is a picture of one on my desk. the darker black are strips of velcro, and there is two pockets that hold cold-packs with goo in them (you can see the white tops of the goo-bags poking out the top of the pockets like little prairie dogs). the tapered part on the right allows me to start wrapping at the backside of my knee which makes it easier to start. the material is a stretchy synthetic of some sort with a urethane coating (which is why it is shiny). The two independent strips on the left allow one wrap all the way around my knee, and I can cradle my kneecap so it stays on better.

here is a picture of me putting them on. they don't look like much, but they work pretty well. Again, the white stuff poking out the top are the goo bags.


Monday, March 03, 2008

Alex is Thirty-Nine

I swear we didn't teach her to say this.

Also, Bean semi-recently posted an interview of me. Any time spent at Bean's blog is not wasted (especially if you are a Lost fan).

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