Monday, May 15, 2006

funny ebay feedback ii

UPDATE: you lucky devils get one more ebay feedback, shown at the bottom of this post.

HINT: Click on these to view.

Here is your chance to get a load of some new ebay feedback, handcrafted with loving care from yours truly.

If these don't result in at least a chuckle, then I demand to know just what exactly your idea of funny is!

This one was when I bought a battery for my ipod mini:

this one was when i bought a SATA cable for my computer: (it is funnier if you imagine me as a generic super hero, who only slaps bad guys)

This was for a cable for my cell phone.

Very funny. :) Do you ever get responses from these people?
Funny Shit B
no responses.
lame... u stole sum1 elses feedback and sed it was urs
I think these comments were left by mr_bo**ox - a legend amongst the "pheedback" community.
Dear fuckstick,

please see this blog about me stealing sum1 elses feedback:

k? WWCD?
sabradees leaves funny ones
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