Tuesday, August 29, 2006

picture and video time

I thought it was high time that I posted some pictures of my daughter Alex. I haven’t posted any since she was born. I am a terrible person.

These pictures are kinda old, but pretty good. She is about 6.5 months here.

One day we let her play by herself all day out in the garden. We came back later and got this picture:

Here is a good one of that rascal Cooper babysitting and licking off that bacon grease we put on her every morning.

Here is a good one of her wearing a sun hat and looking kinda surprised. Cooper has a similar hat, but it is much more glamerous and is covered in rhinestones.

Here is Alex just being cute and crawling around. She just started crawling over the weekend. This video was about 2 weeks ago before she could really get anywhere. More of a "army crawl". Soon she will be trying to crawl up and kill us like baby stewie.

I also found some more videos of that scamp Cooper.

Here is cooper jumping off of the dock again:

Here is cooper stealing a noodle:

The end. Sorry if you aren't interested in pups or babys.


she must have a handsome father!
that sounds like a desperate cry for attention
She is really cute! Looks like a Pottery Barn Kids model.
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