Wednesday, August 16, 2006

picture dump

Sometimes you feel the urge for a picture dump.

That is, dumping the pictures off of your phone and onto your computer.

I did this today, since I was going to delete them anyway, and here they are, forever immortalized on the internet:

Figure 1 This is a picture of the biggest spider i have ever seen. I put my thumb in there for scale. You can't tell very easily, but the thorax of this monster was bigger than my thumbnail. What a stupid thing to take a picture of.
Figure 2 This is an interesting creature i found while stranded at a gas station (see Figure 3 below). It was kinda like a snail. The bottom part is a "shell" that is made out of some kind of debris, and the slug thing poking out of the top was the actual creature. I guess it makes it's own shell. i have never seen one before, so i took a picture of it. I ate it, and it tasted terrible! It now controls my actions between 3 am and 5 am. I have a debris shell in my basement that is quite cozy.

Figure 3 This is the car (dubbed the P.O.S) that drives my carcass to and from indianapolis on a semi-daily basis. The alternator went out last week and i was about 100 miles from home. I took a picture of it because I was waiting for someone to bring me a new one, and I had already eaten that slug thing and needed a distraction from the taste.
Figure 4 Here is Brad getting cozy with cooper. how cute!

Figure 5 This is the most enormous moth I have ever seen. I am sure it was longer than 2" and had a wingspan over 4". It also is pretty cool looking. I think it would win in a fight to the death with that spider (figure 1).
Figure 6. This is some bay in san diego. I went there in June for a conference. This turned out to be a very boring picture and even included my thumb! it complements all of the other pictures that I took during that trip that were terrible, and are destined for the trashcan.
Figure 7 Here is a statue of George Bush Sr. from Houstin's airport. I thought it was pretty cool, and i didn't expect to see it. He looks very heroic, with the wind blowing his tie and hair. I thought it was a pretty inaccurate potrayal of what George Bush looks like at any given moment.

Figure 8 Here is a picture that I took of the storage garage that I used to store all of my furnature and whatnot while I live in New Albany. I am renting a 10' x 30' garage and it uses the 3 doors that you see in the picture. I took this picture to show off how efficiently I can pack a storage garage to my wife. She was not impressed or even interested in looking at the picture. This was the last load and it you can see that we didn't have any more room for the tinest thing! with that much stuff, and that much room, it is very easy to underpack or overpack the storage room. So, I was impressed... I can't believe I took a picture of that either.

Figure 9 This is picture my wife took of me with my new babe Alex. She fell asleep in my arms. She is about 3 or 4 months in this picture. If you haven't experienced a baby falling asleep in your arms, especially your own, it is very satisfying and quite peaceful. I recommend it to anyone with a baby and a good grasp. I was also wearing a beard at that time, which i think is rather handsome. This was also before I gained a few inches on what I like to call my "pappy belly".

on a completely different topic, we are getting Coop groomed, due to exsessive "dog butt" smells, multiple dunks in the lake, and my lazy approach to bathing my own pooch. I was looking for groomers on the WWW, and this critque caught my eye:

"Allison takes care of my Yorkie & spoils him rotten! She also does a great job with him & has him smelling handsome and smelling great for days!"

SMELLING HANDSOME? That is a no-brainer. I think Coop will really like the idea of smelling handsome.


I was there for pics 5 and 8! I should do a blog of my pictures sometime.
i love when Mya falls asleep on me there is normaly a wet spot on my shirt where her head was, i think sleeping babies are a great remedy for people with narcolepsy it always makes me fall asleep.
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