Tuesday, October 17, 2006

pictures of alex and whatnots

Here is a picture of Alex playing with her new birthday toy! (given to her 2 months early). Unfortunatly, she kinda looks like a boy here. She isn't a boy. She has a butterfly on her pants to prove it.

She is a real charmer. (click on picture to intensify charm)

Here is a nice picture of Alexandra in a sling-thingie on my back. We were walking in the creek behind my brother's house. There is Cooper! (azzagoodboy!) I don't know about you guys, but this small-person-in-the-backpack situation is awefully reminiscent of Luke's training with Yoda on Degobah.

which brings us to this picture:

And, inevitably, this one:

Finally we get to some of Alex's first steps* with this delcious clip. It even has a surprise ending with that glamerous pup Cooper!

Yes, Alex is moving toward a cellular phone. She covets them.

You'll notice that my wife deftly moves the phone right before Alex gets it. That is how you get a baby to walk people! You have to outwit them! They are very cunning.

She also gives her a nice rub on the tum-tum. She sometimes pats my tum-tum after I am a good eater and I get a tummy ache.


*Not really THE first steps.

That picture was hilarious.

That video was good as well. I like how it looks as if she is calling someone at the end. I also like how Cooper almost ruins everything! Good boy coop!
my lil bro max named his lil girl the same thing
Great pictures! And that new toy looks pretty cool. Do you like the sling thingy better than front carriers like the bjorn?

I wish I was computer-savvy like Foo so I could put video clips on my blog.
LOL at Yoda!
That picture of Yoda is funny. He looks very annoyed to be strapped to your back.

The only time I've seen Coop that excited is when Bleach is around.
tara: I haven's used a bjorn, although i have seen them and they seem cool and expensive.

my wife actually bought this thing. you can use it in a lot of configurations on the front and back of you and whith the babe facing all kinds of directions. you can put it on your hips and stuff to.
Tara: BTW: that toy is the fisher price incrediblock. it is pretty sweet, but expensive. I like it b/c there are lots of activites to do whilst standing, and obviously that is important at her stage. I recommend on for your wee-one.
The bjorn is cool and expensive (ours was a gift) and Daphne loves it because she can face forward. But it hurts my back, so it isn't great for long walks. Your sling looks comfortable, but sort of complicated, like it would be a two-man job to get the baby in.

I will keep the incrediblock in mind for Christmas. Right now, she just wants to eat everything. She is trying to eat the exersaucer this very minute.
Tim I have not checked your blog in forever and those pictures were hilarious! And the video is great, I can't believe she's walking already
pretty funny honey! i love what you did with yoda! al will like to see that one day!
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