Sunday, April 10, 2011

Portland, the land of the supersized urinal and sushi

I think this new app, made my Google for blogger (they own blogger) should work.

I went to visit my good friend Michael last week, in Portland, Oregon.

It was a week-long trip, and we got in some quality snowboarding, beer drinking ( including merryment), and some Euro-table-top games.

Portland is a pretty typical mid-size city, except it is overrun by hippies, outdoor enthusiast (see hippies), craft breweries ( see hippies), and over-sized urinals ( hippies have bad aim).

It also has its fair share of hipsters, who are not quite committed to being a full hippie, but want to appear to have some hippie leanings. I liken to the kind of people who wear cowbow hats in Indiana. ( the bonus of those people is I can use the phrase "that guy is all-hat and no cattle", which is probably true in that case ( but not true in Texas, where everyone has at least one cow and carries a six-shooter))

Here are some exciting pictures:

Some brewmasters at one of local microbrews looking at their work

Extremely big urinals ( biggest I have seen up to that point) in some bar.

A shot of the peak of Mt. Hood

The approach to mt. Hood, where it was snowing as we went up.

Extremely large sushi

Mike looking at his pet-chickens

Another bar with even bigger than the first urinals, which completely blew my mind.

It is interesting to note that the second set of urinals are much more majestic than the first.

You couldn't imagine my surprise when I noticed this.
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